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Healing Domestic Violence (also called domestic abuse or family violence)… Below describe the effect traumatic events often have on children and the common challenges they face.

Pediatric Trauma, if neglected and not managed correctly, can have devastating effects on children that last long into adulthood. These effects can be emotional, mental and physical in nature. The stress of trauma can be detrimental for a developing brain and nervous system, causing issues such as:

• Inability to manage emotions
• Memory disorders
• Disassociation (mental separation from their experience)
• Violence (as in outburst)
• Easily triggered/angered/upset
• Difficulty problem solving, reasoning or thinking clearly
• Fibromyalgia
• IBS and other stomach issues
• Chronic back and muscle pain
• Arthritis
• Cancer
• Early death
• Cardiovascular issues (such as heart disease)

“Women and Children First” Therapeutic Touch Modalities
(also called domestic abuse or family violence)…
Barbara uses a unique combination of several Therapeutic modalities to help each individual. The therapies including: Pediatric Yoga, Trauma Informed, Therapeutic Touch, QiGong and Body Talk Access, are proven modalities to helping the treatment
of trauma.

Therapeutic Touch

Therapeutic Touch

Pediatric Yoga
Yoga and mindfulness can be very beneficial for children who have experienced trauma as well as those with diverse abilities or special needs. Barbara incorporates yoga and mindfulness into her therapeutic touch therapy. Children can experience the following physical and mental benefits:

• Improved physical strength and flexibility
• Improved joint and core stability
• Builds gross motor skills
• Improved bilateral integration
• Improved body awareness as well as spatial sense
• Improved sensory integration
• Mood elevation and depression reduction

The improved health and wellness of the child will cause a ripple effect where their entire family with benefit, as well. When needed, they will have methods they can use with the student at home.

Pediatric Therapeutic Touch
Therapeutic Touch for children is different than for adults. Barbara Tom is an experienced children’s touch therapist.

Benefits include:
• Builds trust
• Reduced anxiety and stress
• Decrease muscle tension
• Improved sleep quality

Pedatic Yoga

Pediatric Yoga

Body Talk Access
‘Body Talk Access’ is comprised of the 3 Brain Complex techniques or Tapping, which have been proven beneficial for children who have experienced trauma.

The 3 Brain Complex includes:
• Cortices-helps improve right-left brain communication
• Switching- helps lower stress
• Hydration-aid the body in utilizing water more efficiently
• Body Chemistry-helped balance the child’s immune system

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Body Talk Access

Body Talk Access

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